Lian LifeStyle Big Girls' Women's 4 Pairs Thigh High Cotton Socks Size 6-9 L1023

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High Elasticity Produced with PREMIUM COTTON for high elasticity, remarkable smoothness and long term durability. Perfect Fit These colorful over knee socks have a smart construction to fit and match any shoe type. Delight your feet with an extra soft and breathable material to keep them fresh and active in all your activities. Warm and Stylish Made with high quality materials for long lasting comfort. Due to the rich content of natural cotton, you can wear your tube socks without the risk of rashes, allergies or discomfort. PERFECT FIT, FANCY LOOK OVER THE KNEE/THIGH HIGH SOCKS FOR BOTH WOMEN AND JUNIOR/TEEN GIRLS Comfortable, light and trendy socks with a unique design shaped to please any teenage girl or lady. Experience the velvet feel and the warmth of a perfectly crafted over knee sock that will flawlessly cover your toes, ankle and calf. These socks will harmonize with whatever you are wearing, even if it’s a vintage, sporty or sexy look. Constructed with a rich cotton layer so your feet feel spoiled at every step. The quality, style, and accurate size transform these socks into the ideal accessory for your wardrobe collection. CRAZY NATURAL FEEL Featuring a complex texture on the inside it is kind to the skin and provides a perfect hold on the leg. The splendid fit is optimized with a touch of elastane and reinforced stress zones. These premium quality socks, with a cotton-rich blend, are particularly engineered to protect your feet during any season. They are thin and breathable to keep you cool and fresh in the summer, yet thick and cozy to keep you sheltered and secure during winter. Stay comfortable and supported during your workout or when wearing your favorite boots. Buy one for you and one for someone you love. One Size : US 5~9 / UK 2.5~7 / EU 35~39 MAXIMUM LEVEL OF COMFORT CARE INSTRUCTION: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

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