Lian Style Women's 6 Pairs Over Knee-high Wool Boot Boot Socks Size 7-9 Assorted Colors

Lian Style Women's 6 Pairs Over Knee-high Wool Boot Boot Socks Size 7-9 Assorted Colors

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Knitted using the most advanced technologies, our socks are well-crafted and flawless.

Thoroughly manufactured will ensure a long time wear, with no unraveling or color fading. Benefit from a delightful, relaxing wear at any moment!

Ultra - soft, lightweight and delicate offer a maximum level of protection and an exquisite skin care.


The resistant supreme quality fibers enhance the durability of the sock so there is no risk of deformation or shrinking after washing.

Superb socks designed for comfortable and enjoyable walks or for relaxation during long standing hours at work.

No more swollen ankles and tired toes so have lots of fun or hustle hard all day long.

Feel spoiled at every step!


Light, very flexible and with a special design, this set of socks is ideal for any indoor or outdoor activities.

Blend in easily so you can wear them up to their real length or short as slouch.

You will love walking in the heavy snow with these thick woman socks.

Go over our crazy wide women's collection of splendid socks and choose your favorite.

ELASTIC one size for women US 6~9 / UK 2.5~7 / EU 35~39 / or big girl's L/XL.

Measurement: Length from toe to the heel: 7", stretchable to 9";

Height from heel to calf with top portion folded down: 11.5", stretchable to 14.5";

Height from the heel to top of calf with top portion unfolded: 14", stretchable to 17.5".
  • AWESOME LOOK: Now is the time to look perfect down to the very last detail. Wear these comfy socks with a cute pattern and vibrant colorful palettes and feel only incredible softness and no discomfort. Wonderful female sock with a smart anti - slip system to hold up with any activity and offer complete satisfaction.
  • SEXY AND TRENDY: Create a modern look with this in vogue tall socks. Featuring a lovable design, which will shape your calf, will effortlessly match whatever you decide to wear. Your leg will look glamorous even in a ski shoe or a casual short skirt.
  • UNBEATABLE QUALITY: Pairs of socks with a wide, gentle knitted cuff for an exclusive luxurious feeling. Cover your feet with the finest wool and feel entirely relaxed. Premium socks adapting to spring, summer and winter weather so your feet are kept dry and fresh. Because you deserve the best!
  • CONSISTENT CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH: For a good overall health and boost of energy you must take care of your feet. Thus keeping them light, warm and dry is highly important. Our socks are engineered from a skin-friendly super soft breathable fabric to keep your feet at an optimum temperature, reducing foot fatigue, sweat and odor
  • ALWAYS BE TOTALLY SATISFIED: You purchase is protected the entire time. If this cool pack of socks does not meet your standards please contact us and we will give you a refund or a replacement.