Chimes Mango Ginger Chews

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Chimes Gourmet began with a vision of bringing healthy specialty food to the mainstream. It all began with Chimes Ginger Chews, the all-natural ginger candy from Indonesia. Our first three flavors, Original, Peanut Butter, and Peppermint, made their debut in 2003. The love for Chimes Ginger Chews quickly spread, and by popular vote, Mango and Orange joined the Chimes Ginger Chew family. It was no surprise to us that lovers of Chimes Ginger Chews also love their health, so we looked for new ways to help satisfy that desire. We met with some of our friends in the organic rice and bean businesses, and soon we had our Organic Rice and Beans line! From the familiar Pearl Barley to the exotic Thai Jasmine Rice varieties, Chimes Organics are becoming a favorite for foodies that only want to put good in! In a world where it becomes increasingly difficult to know what’s in our food and where it’s from, Chimes Gourmet aims to bring you ingredients and products that you can trust.