Cork Pops Hot Lips 4-Blade 4 x 2 Refrigerator Magnet Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

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Cork Pops | Wine bottle Foil Cutter Palm Tree Design Gather your friends and family together for a night you will never forget! This novelty magnetic wine bottle foil cutter will stay put on your refrigerator or other magnetic surface, until your ready for your next bottle of wine. Perfect Cut Every Time Foil cutter is easy to grip and features four blades for a cleaner cut that can remove the strongest plastic or foil seal in seconds. Small size makes it easy to store anywhere or take with you. Measures approximately 4 x 2 inches Add a Whimsical Touch to Your Wine collection These uniquely designed foil cutters makes a wonderful gift for the wine lover in your life. Perfect for a housewarming, bridal shower or birthday present. Ships in protective packaging *Additional items pictured, not included*