Effective Natural All Purpose Cleaner Spray Multi Surface Cleaner Spray Bottle as: Bathroom Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Counter Cleaner & More Orange Clove Scented Cleaner in 16 Fl OZ Per Bottle, 1 Bottle

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Our 16 oz. Multi Surface Cleaner Spray contains powerful cleaning ingredients that are both effective and gentle. This spray cleaner all purpose offers a unique fragrance for your entire house. The natural and pure floral smell of Orange Clove has long been valued for its soothing properties so you can turn your home into a spa with such a comforting household cleaner! To clean kitchen messes and all throughout the house, we blend garden-inspired fragrances, essential oils, and plant-derived ingredients in our cleaner spray bottle. All non-porous surfaces, including finished wood and tile floors, worktops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, sealed natural and synthetic stone, and more, can benefit from our cleaning spray. Do all your necessary cleaning tasks with this simple, convenient natural all purpose cleaner! GENTLE YET POWERFUL Because none of our products are subjected to animal testing, you may use this all surface cleaner for a guilt-free cleaning experience. Furthermore, we make certain that our floor cleaner spray is safe and not overpowering to your senses as you clean. You may use our amazing cleaner with confidence, knowing that it won’t affect your surface areas or septic system. You won’t be disappointed the moment you try this wonderful cleaning product in your house. GENTLE ON MOST SURFACES This multi-surface cleaner may be used on non-porous surfaces such as kitchen counters, tiles, walls, and floors. Our cleaner spray multipurpose performs an excellent job. You’ll be amazed at how your home will not only appear new with this excellent floor cleaner, but it will also smell super fresh and calming! Now you can amaze your friends with how pristine and immaculate your house is by inviting them over!