Laundary Detergent Packs, Built in Fabric Softner Enzymes, Free & Clear, Plant Derived, Fight Stains, No Dyes, For Sensitive Skin, Pack of 3, 45 Count Per Pack, 31.7 FL OZ Per Pack,

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IT WORKS: Our convenient and mess-free laundry packs feature a powerful quadruple-enzyme formula that fights tough stains without the use of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and artificial brighteners. Grass stains, tomato sauce, or chocolate – you name it, we’ve got you covered. Plant-derived enzyme stain removers like Protease and Amylase power out stubborn stains while whitening and anti-graying enzymes keep clothes bright. Our laundry packs are wrapped in a dissolvable PVA film – just toss one in and let our plant-based ingredients work their wonder. WE CARE: You won’t find any fragrances around here. Our Free & Clear and Fragrance Free laundry products are gentle on sensitive skin. We believe peace of mind is a key ingredient to a clean, healthy home. That’s why we design all our laundry products with safety in mind and are proud to offer the first powdered laundry pack to be EPA Safer Choice Certified.

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