Lian LifeStyle Big Girl's Women 2 Pairs Knee High Wool Crew Socks HR1412 Size 6-9

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EXPERIENCE the PERFECT SOCKS Fabulous elastic composition to match and perfectly shape the thigh of any girl. Appropriate also for girls with a thin leg or women. These wool socks are tight enough to stay up but do not squeeze your ankle/foot. The high quality fabric in these crazy socks will take an exquisite care of your skin so you can wear them for as long as you like, with a minimum risk of allergies, rashes and discomfort. You can be elegant and fun, yet comfortable and relaxed. Keeping your feet happy and fresh is important to your overall health. EXCEPTIONAL FEEL Constructed with an extra breathable fabric it will tenderly embrace your every toe and calf and reduce the foot fatigue. Nothing makes your feet feel more exceptional and keeps you more relaxed than a superior, well-crafted pair of warm socks. Enjoy the natural feel of wool on your legs. Feel the difference today! INCREASED ENDURANCE Socks made from high quality materials to enhance durability, sweat-wicking and attain a maximum level of comfort and protection. Thoroughly knitted so you do not have to worry about deformation or fading. The quality, the style and the accurate sizing makes them perfect for your work, party or hiking boot collection. Stretchy and lightweight casual socks with a charming design, applicable to a wide variety of occasions.

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