Lian LifeStyle Fantastic, Super Comfortable Children's 6 Pairs Pack Wool Blend Crew Socks Soft, Adorable & Durable Plain Size 0M-1Y (Rose)

Lian LifeStyle Fantastic, Super Comfortable Children's 6 Pairs Pack Wool Blend Crew Socks Soft, Adorable & Durable Plain Size 0M-1Y (Rose)

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Seamless pack of socks perfectly adaptable to any weather or activity.

Your kid can wear them carefree at school, when playing or sleeping. Due to their superior flexibility allow a maximum freedom in movements.

Can match with ease all types of shoes and boots.

Fuzzy socks you can rely on!


Knitted using the most advanced technology we make sure that each and every sock is well-crafted and will not unravel.

The exceptionally smooth knit cuff ensures an optimum non-binding hold on the leg. Socks exquisitely cushioned for a good walking control and great pleasure.

Ultra-soft and delicate generates an exclusive luxurious feeling your child will not obtain in any other pair of socks.


Admired for their quality, style and accurate sizing are considered to be the best everyday essential on the market. Moisturizing, skin-friendly and gentle takes an exquisite skin-care and ensures a high level of protection.

Benefit from the velvety touch of wool. Let it delight the feet of your children - maintain them active, healthy and happy.

The small size could fit babies or toddlers. Check out our entire collection.
  • THE GREATEST COMFORT: Exceptional children socks particularly engineered to make walking and playing enjoyable and relaxing. Their superior wool fibers blend ensures that your little man experiences only premium warmth. Reduce foot fatigue and ankle swelling while spoiling tiny toes.
  • TOP RATED DESIGN: Fun socks with a unique design all kids will love. Featuring a vibrant combination of crazy colors will easily match all their outfits. Choose a sock that is absolutely perfect down to the very last detail and wonderfully stands out.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Their lightweight and breathable textile, made from high quality wool, is extra gentle with the children's skin and has a minimum risk of allergies or rashes. Due to the revolutionary sweat-wicking microstructure maintains feet fresh and dry no matter the weather. Buy your child a durable pair of socks that will not tear or color fade.
  • LIFELONG SATISFACTION: Cute, cozy and highly resistant are ready to withstand a long time stressful wear. Their remarkable behavior guarantees a delicate wear with no toes ache or discomfort. Your boy will be fascinated by these refreshing fluffy socks, sweat and odor free.
  • FULL TIME SUPPORT: You are completely covered with this purchase. Our Customer Support Team can answer anytime to any question you may have regarding our product. If for any reason you are not pleased with these socks, get in contact with our team. We promise you an outstanding experience!