Lian LifeStyle Fascinating Children's 6 Pairs Knee High Wool Blend Boot Socks Resistant, Comfortable and Health Focused Size M(2-4Y)-(Green)

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IMPRESSIVE SOCKS Thick socks suitable for all types of activities, absorbing impact and reducing friction, with no discomfort. The non-binding anti-slip fiber will hold the sock up generating a high level of comfort and support. Match with ease all boots and shoes. Your boys feet are completely protected when hiking, snowboarding, playing soccer or riding a motorcycle. INNOVATIVE SOCKS High quality materials, funny modern design, optimum length and supreme comfort all boys will enjoy. Our superior socks will help your children remain active without sweat or odor. Particularly engineered to protect small feet when standing, walking or running for long hours. Adaptable to any weather and occasion so any activity is relaxing and enjoyable. Delight your kids legs with the coziest socks ever made. Pick the most charming sock on the market. ONLY GREAT CHARACTERISTICS Featuring resistant, light and delicate fibers with revolutionary sweat-wicking properties are considered to be the best socks on the market. Little toes will relish in the graceful touch of wool. Go over our entire collection and find the perfect versions available for: infant, a couple months old baby and toddler. There are models available also for girls and unisex.