Lian LifeStyle Perfect Fit and Cozy Women's Wool Crew Socks L1885 Size 6-9

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Relish in a delicious pair of short socks that gives you a total freedom in movements. Flexible, athletic and lightweight can be worn when cycling, camping, hiking, lifting weights and even sleeping.

These charming ladies socks are adaptable to any weather so have fun wearing them in summer and winter.


Gorgeous everyday essential that meets the latest fashion trends. Wear them at work or at the gym, will easily blend in with any outfit.

This well-crafted fluffy sock matches all types of shoes and its lovely design is warmly welcomed by everyone.

Engineered to keep you healthy and happy, will help reduce foot fatigue and keep you relaxed the entire day.


Cover your feet with a luxurious wool layer and feel only incredible softness. Take an absolute care of your skin, with a minimum risk of rashes or allergies.

Go over our large collection and get your favorite pack. Try a new combination every day or give them out as gifts.

Suitable for adult women, but the small size could be appropriate girls.
  • Cotton blend
  • Imported
  • INCREDIBLE GLAMOUR: Colorful socks to keep you healthy and happy. Your feet will feel exceptional and totally relaxed with these superior, well-crafted pair of thick socks. Add a chic finishing touch to your everyday clothing. Dress for success!
  • YOU’LL ADORE EVERY DETAIL: Deluxe female socks engineered to make you look splendid down to the very last detail. The exceptionally smooth finish of the sock offers a comfy luxurious sensation in any type of shoe. Made with a flexible non – binding structure it perfectly fits your toes and outlines your legs with no trace of discomfort.
  • SUPREME COMFORT: Delight your toes in the natural, delicate touch of extra soft wool fibers. The highly breathable microstructure is moisture – wicking, reducing sweat and odor. Keep your feet dry and fresh all day long in this cool pair of fuzzy socks. The unique design of the foot base prevents the swelling of the ankle due to many walking or standing hours.
  • FANTASTIC QUALITY: Socks made from premium quality materials with enhanced durability will not shrink or unravel after multiple uses. The delicate skin-friendly fiber and the exquisite knitting guarantees you will enjoy a gentle wear.
  • COMPLETELY PROTECTED: If these warm socks do not meet your expectations, we will fully refund you. Our helpful customer service will give you the most satisfying purchase experience. Buy carefree today!