Lian LifeStyle Women's 4 Pairs Perfect Fit Wool Blend Crew Boot Socks Size 6-9

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YOU’LL ADORE EVERY DETAIL Deluxe female socks engineered to make you look splendid down to the very last detail. The exceptionally smooth finish of the sock offers a comfy luxurious sensation in any type of shoe. Made with a flexible non – binding structure it perfectly fits your toes and outlines your legs with no trace of discomfort. FANTASTIC QUALITY Socks made from premium quality materials with enhanced durability will not shrink or unravel after multiple uses. The delicate skin-friendly fiber and the exquisite knitting give you will enjoy gentle wear. INSPIRED WEAR Relish in a delicious pair of short socks that give you total freedom in movements. Flexible, athletic and lightweight can be worn when cycling, camping, hiking, lifting weights and even sleeping. These charming ladies' socks are adaptable to any weather so have fun wearing them in summer and winter. OUTSTANDING BEAUTY Gorgeous everyday essential that meets the latest fashion trends. Wear them at work or at the gym, will easily blend in with any outfit. This well-crafted fluffy sock matches all types of shoes and its lovely design is warmly welcomed by everyone. Engineered to keep you healthy and happy, will help reduce foot fatigue and keep you relaxed the entire day.