Lian LifeStyle Women's 5 Pairs Adorable Comfortable Soft Thigh High Over Knee High Cotton Socks Size 6-9 L1022(White)

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High Quality Material Fashioned from a rich organic cotton blend and featuring an anti-slip fibre, the pair is made to make you feel comfy. With a lifetime durable design these colored socks provide extra comfort and warmth all year round. Triple Line Design Enjoy these awesome female socks that will charm you with their soft yet strong and superior materials ensuring a long-lasting durability. These trendy and unique designs will give you the confidence to express your individuality and perfectly match your clothing style every time. Breathable High Performace Fabric These cool ladies socks are made out of pure natural cotton so your feet get the best treat. The breathability of these colorful socks makes them easy to dissipate moisture, keeps your feet warm and dry all day long, without sweat or odor. Color (Black, Coffee, Dark Grey, Khaki) (Black, Dark Grey, Grey, White) (Black, Coffee, Dark Grey, Grey) (Black, Coffee, Dark Grey, White) (Coffee, Grey, Khaki, White)