Lian LifeStyle Women's Big Girls' 4 Pairs High Thigh Cotton Socks Size 6-9 L1024

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Enjoy the natural touch of cotton on your feet without having to worry about fading or tearing. Nothing makes you experience a better feeling and keeps you more relaxed than a comfortable pair of tall socks.

The quality, the style, and the accurate sizing make these socks perfect for your wardrobe collection.


Fashioned from a rich organic cotton blend and featuring an anti-slip fiber, the pair is made to make you feel comfy. With a lifetime durable design, these colored socks provide extra comfort and warmth all year round.

These cool ladies socks are made out of pure natural cotton so your feet get the best treat. The breath ability of these colorful socks makes them easy to dissipate moisture, keeps your feet warm and dry all day long, without sweat or odor.


Enjoy these awesome female socks that will charm you with their soft yet strong and superior materials ensuring a long-lasting durability. These trendy and unique designs will give you the confidence to express your individuality to match your clothing every time.


Whether you're hard at work or hard at play, your feet will feel only the incredible softness of the fabric, even on cold weather. Not Too Thick or too Thin, these lady socks, provide ultimate comfort plus a flawless coverage of your feet with a revolutionary cute construction particularly created to fit you!


These Perfect Women's Tube Thigh High Socks are tight enough to stay up without squeezing your ankle/foot.

Adapts to any temperature, environment, and activity to keep you cool and dry for all-day comfort.

Its soft material and flexible feel embrace your feet to help reduce foot fatigue.

Ultra-soft inside and out they are made for the no-compromise woman who needs stylish, sophisticated support and long-term comfort.

The durability and the soft-to-the-touch texture keeps your on-duty look perfect down to the very last detail. It provides exquisite satisfaction and protection.


These Lightweight Superb Socks, made of High-Quality Materials, are the perfect gift for any big or small occasion or just a good reason to show your appreciation to a friend or family member.

With classic solid-color designs, the Premium Cotton Socks are the best choice for a sexy outfit or daily wearing. Regardless of the moment, you will always be in fashion!

Our American Style Women's Boot Socks will be sure to complement all your boots this following winter, spring or fall.
  • Cotton 80%/Acrylic 15%/Polyester 7%
  • Imported
  • OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE: Keep up with the LATEST FASHION TREND with this CHARMING pair of socks. Created with a DELICATE and ORIGINAL design will ensure a SUPERIOR COMFORT all day long. Brighten up the cold weather days with these cute socks that can keep your feet completely WARM and DRY.
  • HAPPY AND HEALTHY: These colorful over knee socks have a smart construction to fit and match any shoe type. Delight your feet with an extra soft and breathable material to keep them fresh and active in all your activities.
  • IMPRESSIVE TEXTILE: Produced with PREMIUM COTTON for high elasticity, remarkable smoothness and long term durability. LIGHTWEIGHT socks with adorable colors ADAPTABLE to any season. Our collection of beautiful socks has a LUXURIOUS SILKY TOUCH to make you feel glamorous in your everyday wear.
  • HIGHEST LASTING RANGE: Made with high quality materials for long lasting comfort. Due to the rich content of natural cotton, you can wear your tube socks without the risk of rashes, allergies or discomfort.
  • COMPLETE SATISFACTION: You can get in contact with us for any question you may have. If you do not feel satisfied from tip to toes, we will make a refund. Your purchase is fully protected.